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In Sport Administration, we have enjoyed great partnerships with friends and colleagues in the South Florida sports industry. We have a very comprehensive program that pro­vides a strong linkage to the world of competitive sports and the community. Our mission is to pro­mote knowledge within the widespread realm of sports-related science across the disciplines of sport administration, exercise physiology, and athletic training. Graduates of our programs are well prepared for ca­reers in diverse settings reflective of our multicultural community.

First year students should enroll in one (or both) of the following courses:

  • KIN 201 Introduction to Sport Administration
  • KIN 212 Elements of Sport Psychology



Every freshman is required to enroll in an English course OR have earned English Composition credit though Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Dual Enrollment (DE), or transfer work.

  • If you have earned a score of 5 on the AP English Composition & Language Exam or a score of 6 or 7 on the IB (Upper level exam), then you will earn 6 credits for English Composition and this requirement is complete.
  • If you have earned a 4 or 5 on the AP English Composition and Literature Exam then you will receive 3 credits and equivalency for ENG 210. You are required to enroll in WRS 105.
  • If you earned an SAT Verbal score greater than 700 or an ACT score greater than 32, then English 105 is waived.  You may proceed to enroll in English 106 or you have the option to wait until the spring semester to enroll in English 106.

Enroll in either:

WRS 105  English Composition I (All students who have not been waived or earned credit)


WRS 106  English Composition II (Only students who have been waived out of WRS 105)



First Year Students who have not completed a Mathematics course at the College Algebra level are required to begin their Mathematics sequence upon entering the University of Miami.

  • Your Canelink account will have your Math placement level indicated for you based on the following criteria:
    • Your Math level will be decided for you based on your Math SAT or Math ACT entrance exam scores. There is a link to an on-line Math placement exam on your Canelink account if you decide that you would like to try and take a higher level math course which may complete this requirement.
    • If you have earned AP/IB credit for Math, then your Math requirement will be satisfied.
    • If you have earned Dual Enrollment credit, you may have satisfied your Math requirement. You will need to meet with an advisor prior to the start of the semester to verify your correct Math placement.
  • If you do not have college credit for Math as listed above, then please follow this Math Sequence based on your placement information on CaneLink:
    • MTH 101 (College Algebra) –> MTH 113 (Finite Math)



All students majoring SPAD must fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement by earning 3 credits at the intermediate level of a foreign language (Sign Language is an option).

  • Students may fulfill this requirement with an AP score of 5 on the Foreign Language or Literature Exams.
  • Students must have credit at the 200 level or higher (This may require up to two semesters of pre-requisite courses:  SPA 101; SPA 102 or FRE 101; FRE 102 etc…) in order to reach the intermediate level
    • For Example:  SPA 211; FRE 211;  etc…
    • Two semesters of American Sign Language (TAL 107 and TAL 207)



The University of Miami’s General Education Requirements ensure that graduates have acquired essential intellectual skills and have engaged a range of academic disciplines.  All new students will fulfill the General Education requirements by selecting a Cognate, which is a cluster of courses arranged by their content, field and interest. The web site link for the Cognate Search engine is here.

  • A cognate is a group of at least three related courses for at least 9 credits.
  • The courses in a cognate are related in a topical, thematic, interdisciplinary, sequential, or other such fashion, so that completion of a cognate provides coherent depth of knowledge in the area.
  • Students must take three cognates to fulfill the Areas of Knowledge requirement, one in the Arts & Humanities (A&H), one in People & Society (P&S), and one in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).
  • Each cognate has course options that allow students to complete the cognate in ways that meet their individual interests, while staying within the coherent focus of the cognate.
  •  In addition to the cognates that have been designed by faculty, each major and minor fulfills the cognate requirement in one area.
    • Sport Administration Majors will fulfill the P&S Cognate.
  • ALL SPAD majors must fulfill the Areas of Knowledge requirement by selecting one cognate from each of the following areas:
    • Arts & Humanities (A&H)
    • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
  • Please go to the link for Cognates and begin your search for selecting a topic of interest that you think you would like to study in order to complete your General Education Requirements.


ENG 105 3 credits
MTH 101or MTH 113 3 credits
KIN 201 3 credits
SPA 101 (or any foreign language) 3 credits
Elective Course (STEM or A & H Cognate)
KIN 150 nutrition is an example of a class in a STEM cognate
3 credits