Department of Educational and Psychological Studies

Soyeon Ahn



(305) 284-1316
Soyeon Ahn received her Ph.D. in Measurement and Quantitative Methods in the Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Special Education at Michigan State University in 2008. She joined the EPS faculty in August, 2008. Ahn’s current research focuses on the application of the existing data analytic techniques in resolving the...

Dina Birman



(305) 284-3460
My interests and expertise focus on the process of acculturation and adjustment of immigrants and refugees, and community-based interventions designed to improve their mental health and well-being. I have conducted research and written extensively on acculturation and adaptation of adolescent, adult, and elderly refugees, including those from...

Lydia Pearl Buki

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-2230
Lydia P. Buki, Ph.D., is Associate Professor and Director of Training of the Counseling Psychology program. She earned her doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Arizona State University in 1995. She joined the University of Miami in January 2013, with previous appointments at the University of Illinois and Colorado State University.Dr....

Scotney D. Evans

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-4142
I am a community-engaged researcher working to understand and support the role of community-based organizations, networks, and coalitions in building collective power to promote community wellbeing, social change, and social justice. I utilize an action research approach with community partners in order to uncover injustice and build community...

Blaine J Fowers



(305) 284-5261
Dr. Fowers used an Arsht Ethics Initiatives Distinguished Ethics Faculty Award (2011-12) to work on a book, The Evolution of Ethics: Human Sociality and the Emergence of Ethical Mindedness, published by Palgrave/Macmillan in April 2015. The book places cutting edge evolutionary theory in dialogue with Aristotle’s systematic and deep...

Scott Ingold

Adjunct Lecturer


(305) 542-8226
Scott Ingold joined the University of Miami in 1990, and teaches in the School of Education’s Enrollment Management Program. He earned his Ed.D from Florida International University in curriculum and instruction, receiving the Dissertation of the Year Award from the Southern Association for College Student Affairs.Ingold’s...

Willis Jones

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-2929

Laura Kohn Wood

Dean, School of Education and Human Development


(305) 284-6474
Dr. Kohn-Wood is currently a Professor and Dean of the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Miami (UM). Dr. Kohn-Wood previously served as chair of the Department of Educational and Psychological Studies, the founding program director of the Master’s in Community & Social Change program and, with...

Debbiesiu L Lee

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-6160
Debbiesiu L. Lee joined the University of Miami faculty in August 2006. Lee’s research focuses on examining how individuals (racial and ethnic minorities, LGBT) cope with discrimination and the impact of discrimination on mental health, physical health, educational, and employment outcomes. She is also exploring issues related to...

Robert Christopher McMahon



(305) 284-5064
Dr. McMahon joined the University of Miami faculty in 1977. He teaches and supervises doctoral students in counseling psychology and master’s degree students in mental health counseling. Dr. McMahon’s research focuses on psychological and social factors that contribute to health risk behavior in racially and ethnically...

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Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences

Maggie Aldousany

Asst. Professor Prof. Practice


Dr. Magda Aldousany is an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences. A certified athletic trainer and licensed physical therapist, Magda received a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Nova South-eastern University in 2013. She also holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Miami...

Brian Arwari

Assoc. Professor Prof Practice


(305) 284-5418
Brian Arwari joined the University of Miami faculty in 2008. Brian completed his Ph.D. in Psychophysiology, Cognitive Psychology and Personality Psychology at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Dr. Arwari returned to the University of Miami, after having spent a year here as a Ph.D. exchange student in 2004.Dr. Arwari was...

Brian D Biagioli

Senior Lecturer


(305) 284-6772
Dr. Brian Biagioli currently serves as the Graduate Program Director for Strength and Conditioning in the Department of Kinesiology and Sport Science at the University of Miami. Dr. Biagioli has authored three college text books; most recently the foremost book on advanced sports performance to support the graduate work being performed at the...

Windy Dees



(305) 284-8345
Windy Dees joined the Sport Administration faculty in August of 2010. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University where she received her doctoral degree in Sport Management in 2007. Dr. Dees received a master’s degree in Sport Management from the University of Florida and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Communications...

Moataz Eltoukhy

Associate Professor


(305) 284-1110
Dr. Eltoukhy received his Bachelor’s degree in Production Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt. He then received his Master’s degree from the same university in the field of mechatronics utilizing the skills he gained during his research work at Bremen University, Germany, as part of the...

Kysha Harriell, Ph.D.

Professor of Clinical
Executive Director-Office of Academic Enhancement


(305) 284-3201
Dr. Kysha Harriell is the Executive Director of the Office of Academic Enhancement and an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Kinesiology & Sport Sciences in the School of Education and Human Development. In addition, Dr. Harriell is currently the Chair of the Residential Faculty Program and Senior Residential Faculty in...

Kevin A Jacobs

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-5873
Kevin Jacobs joined the faculty at the University of Miami in 2004. He completed his Masters in applied exercise physiology at San Diego State University in 1993 and worked as a research physiologist at the Naval Health Research Center in San Diego until 1995. He earned his Ph.D. in exercise physiology from The Ohio State University in 2000 and...

Min Kim

Associate Professor


(305) 284-6959
Dr. Kyung “Min” Kim joined the University of Miami in the fall of 2015 as an assistant professor of Athletic Training in the Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences. He received his Ph.D. in Sports Medicine at the University of Virginia and Master of Science in Athletic Training at the University of North Carolina at...

J. Bryan Mann

Asst. Professor Prof. Practice


(305) 284-5844

Tywan G Martin

Associate Professor


(305) 284-1168
Tywan G. Martin joined the University of Miami in the fall of 2010 and is currently an associate professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences. Previously, Martin worked at Indiana University and earned his bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees.Martin’s primary research focus is on the...

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Department of Teaching and Learning

Mary A Avalos

Research Professor


(305) 284-6467
Mary A. Avalos is a Research Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Her research interests include teacher development and professionalism and literacy/language development for multilingual learners using Systemic Functional Linguistics as a tool for language teaching. She has worked with teachers to develop interventions that...

Mary Beth Calhoon

Assoc. Professor


(305) 284-4961
Mary Beth Calhoon, Ph.D., received her doctorate in Special Education from the Peabody College, Vanderbilt University in 1999. She is currently an Associate Professor in the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Miami.Her primary area of expertise focuses on literacy, mathematics, peer-tutoring, and Date-Based...

Matthew Deroo

Asst. Professor


(305) 284-5217
Matthew R. Deroo is Assistant Professor of Digital Literacies for Multilingual Students in the Department of Teaching and Learning at the University of Miami. In his research, Matt seeks to learn with and from youth and their communities. His interdisciplinary research interests include the social and cultural contexts of immigrant and refugee...

Batya E Elbaum



(305) 284-4218
Dr. Elbaum is a developmental psychologist and education researcher who seeks to understand and improve educational outcomes for children with disabilities and their families through empirical research and involvement in federal accountability efforts related to early intervention and special education services. Her current research focuses on...

Scott Grapin

Asst. Professor


(305) 284-0762
Scott E. Grapin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning. Broadly, Dr. Grapin’s research centers on fostering equitable learning environments for English learners (ELs) in K-12 settings, particularly in their content area classes. His most recent research focuses on the teaching and assessment of ELs and...

Jennifer B. Kahn

Asst. Professor


(305) 284-3820
Jennifer Kahn Thorne is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning. As a Learning Scientist, her research examines interdisciplinary, technology-rich activities to support youth and community learning. Her design-based research program focuses on how individuals learn to build models and tell stories with large, complex...

Nam Ju Kim

Asst. Professor


(305) 284-3774
Dr. Nam Ju Kim received a B.A. and an M.A. in Education from Yonsei University, South Korea. He earned his Ph.D. in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences in May 2017 from Utah State University with both the Ph.D. Researcher and Outstanding Graduates of the Year awards. His research interests include the utilization of immersive...

Jennifer Lee Krawec

Asst. Professor Prof. Practice


(305) 284-1308
Dr. Jennifer Krawec joined the University of Miami faculty in 2012 as a Research Assistant Professor. Prior to this, she was an Assistant Professor at Missouri State University’s Department of Counseling, Leadership, and Special Education. Dr. Krawec is the Principal Investigator of the IES Mathematics and Science Special Education...

Jason Dylan Mizell

Asst. Professor


Jason D. Mizell is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Teaching and Learning.  Dr. Mizell completed his M.A. at the University of Connecticut (CT), and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia (GA) in language and literacy education with an emphasis in TESOL and world languages. Dr. Mizell’s teaching and school...

Wendy Morrison-Cavendish



(305) 284-5192
Wendy Cavendish joined the University of Miami faculty in 2007 after serving as research faculty at the Center for Criminology and Public Policy Research in the College of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Florida State University. She earned her Ph.D. in special education with a cognate in criminology and her M.S. in reading and learning...

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