Foote Fellows

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School of Education and Human Development

The Foote Fellows Honors Program reflects the educational vision of former University of Miami President, Edward T. Foote, who retired in 2000 after serving the University for twenty years. President Foote passed away in the spring, 2016 but his legacy lives on through the Foote Fellows Honors Program that recognizes the most educationally accomplished incoming students at the University of Miami. Foote Fellows have distinguished themselves both in and out of the classroom at their previous schools, are self-motivated, and think independently. Foote Fellows enjoy unmatched freedom and flexibility to explore a multitude of educational resources within the curricular framework of their school or college. Many Foote Fellows leverage this opportunity to pursue additional majors and/or minors.

In the School of Education and Human Development, Foote Fellows are invited to enroll in various school-based seminars. The first-year seminar topics will vary and will focus on the current issues affecting personal and community well-being.

Students must maintain a 3.5 cumulative grade point average in order to remain eligible for the Foote Fellow Program and to have this distinction included on their transcripts.

Foote Fellows will be introduced to faculty led research projects, civic and volunteer opportunities with various community partnerships throughout the local Miami area and in specific locations in Central and South America.

Foote Fellows are invited to participate in the Research Honors Program. This is a two-year program that the highest achieving students are invited to participate in the spring of their sophomore year. Students complete the following components:

  • Two consecutive semesters of faculty mentor research (2-credits each semester) beginning in the fall of the junior year
  • A Thesis (10-20 page document; Faculty guided)
  • Seminar and poster presentation at the Undergraduate Research, Creativity, and Innovation Forum
  • Students who complete the program will have their transcripts stamped with Research Honors Designation

Foote Fellows are contacted in the summer prior to the start of their fall semester by the Undergraduate Academic Dean, EllenMarie McPhillip to participate in a highly interactive session that is designed to help students with personal growth planning and career development. Students will be provided with feedback, course suggestions and a customized advising plan based on their interests and intellectual curiosity.