Data Analytics & Intelligence for Social Impact B.S.Ed. (DAISI)

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The Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics and Intelligence for Social Impact (DAISI) is designed to produce decision-makers who can collect, analyze, and use data to generate insight that increases social impact. It is a collaborative, interdisciplinary, and customizable program that will equip UM graduates with the technical capabilities of data intelligence and analytics, critical thinking skills, and a strong theoretical foundation in education and social sciences such as sociology, psychology, geology, communication. As communities require solutions that address the complexities of the challenges they encounter, and organizations, especially non-profits, drive to be more impactful, this integrated approach will offer students the knowledge and skill sets to not only learn how to collect, measure, and report data, but more importantly, they will be able to contextualize the data, detect potential areas for bias, and derive insights that result in more responsible data-driven information and decision-making.

In a collaboration with various departments at UM, students will learn key analytic skills (i.e., data collection, data cleaning, data management, and data analysis) and tools (i.e., Excel, Tableau, R/SAS/Python programming, and machine learning) that are required for collecting, managing, and analyzing data and persuasively communicating insights that address real-world challenges. In addition to the required courses, students will have the flexibility to customize their studies with a selection of courses drawn from various disciplines. This integrated approach provides students with an opportunity to apply substantive knowledge and skills to a discipline based on their areas of interest and professional goals. The experience culminates in field experiences and practicums which allow students to collaborate with community partners, and critically apply theories, methodologies, and knowledge relevant for more responsible data-driven information and decision-making. This program is ideal for students, who would like to make a definitive, long-lasting social impact that is equally beneficial for all individuals and communities based on more representative and unbiased data as it is applied in various fields such as health services, education, and community development, and public affairs.