Exercise Physiology

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The Exercise Physiology (EXPH), program provides field experiences for students to put their knowledge to use outside of the laboratory setting in other clinical and commercial enterprises.  Students will receive a comprehensive and well-rounded education in the field.

The EXPH laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-science instrumentation enabling students to gain hands-on, clinical experiences in a sophisticated exercise physiology laboratory.  Students will learn how to use the equipment and apply it to real-life situations, on-going research, and clinical

Undergraduate students majoring in Exercise Physiology should consider applying to the Accelerated Master’s Program in Exercise Physiology at the end of their junior year or during their senior year. Following completion of their bachelor’s degree, students will be able to obtain a Master’s degree within one year. For more details and a brochure, exercise physiology undergraduate majors should speak to their advisors.