Priorities of the SEHD

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Scholarships and Fellowships

Undergraduate and Graduate Support

Undergraduate and Graduate support are a top priority for the SEHD and necessary to become truly competitive and fulfill The University of Miami’s goal of providing access to qualified students, regardless of financial need. To make a gift, please call Angie Gonzalez-Kurver at (305) 284-5038.

Dean's Innovation Fund

Make a gift to Dean's Innovation Fund: Find your Cause - Donation Form - University of Miami

The Dean’s Innovation Fund of the School of Education and Human Development allows for Dean Kohn-Wood to support important initiatives or other support that directly benefit SEHD undergraduate and graduate students and faculty.

Give to Departments in SEHD to offer important opportunities to students

Educational and Psychological Studies

We generate knowledge and prepare reflective leaders, researchers, methodologists, and practitioners to improve psychological, educational, and community well-being. Learn more about EPS.
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Kinesiology and Sport Sciences

We incorporate hands on experience through internships and research practicums with industry leaders, UM Athletics, and several departmental research labs.
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Teaching and Learning

We prepare the next generation of teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and practitioners to improve education for all students.
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