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Funding Opportunities

External Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowships and Scholarships are awarded every year to support outstanding students in their academic careers. Click this link to apply.

UM Fellowships and Scholarships

The University of Miami offers a wide range of opportunities to support current students achieve their goals. You can use this link to check whether you are eligible to apply for any of the Scholarships or Fellowships currently offered by UM:

SEHD Fellowships and Scholarships

Contact your program advisor to find out about SEHD Fellowships and Scholarships.


Grants are a great opportunity to get the financial support you need to conduct a research project while being in Graduate School. You can check available Grant Opportunities clicking here.

Moreover, the Writing Center at the College of Arts and Sciences offers ad hoc, personalized support during your grant writing process. Click here to schedule a consultation and get started!

Conference and Travel Support

The Graduate Activity Fee Allocation Committee (GAFAC) is responsible for redistributing every year the unallocated portion of the Graduate Activity Fee. Graduate students can request funds they are entitled to as a support to present their research at conferences, for equipment, events, publications, and field research. Visit the GAFAC website to apply for funds.


Financial Assistance is offered to graduate students through Federal and Private Loans. You can find more information about eligibility requirements at the following links:

Professional Organizations memberships

External funding opportunities are also available to members of Professional Organizations and through several Federal Agencies. A central repository of sources is stored at the following link.