Program Advising

Meet With Your Advisor Each Semester.

Review your Doctoral Program of Study/Master’s Course Sequence Plan.

If applicable, discuss the process for applying for:

  • Course Transfers – Identical graduate courses taken at other institutions that you wish to apply
  • Course Substitutions – Courses in your program that you want to substitute another course taken at UM
  • Drop/Add – Courses you wish to drop or add
  • Once you and your advisor have determined what courses you need to enroll in, she or he will remove the advising hold, which will allow you to register
  • Enroll in courses through CaneLink



Program Advisor


Educational and Psychological Studies

Community Well Being

Isaac Prilleltensky 

Community and Social Change 

Isaac Prilleltensky 

Counseling Psychology 

Lydia Buki 

Counseling: Marriage and Family Therapy 

Debbiesiu Lee

Counseling: Mental Health Counseling

Debbiesiu Lee

Latino Mental Health Counseling 

Debbiesiu Lee

Higher Education Administration

Carol-Anne Phekoo

Higher Education Leadership 

Willis Jones

Research, Measurement and Evaluation 

Soyeon Ahn  

Kinesiology and Sport Sciences

Athletic Training

Maggie Aldousany 

Exercise Physiology

Kevin Jacobs

Applied Physiology

Brian Biagioli

Sport Administration

Windy Dees 

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

Ji Shen

Applied Learning Sciences

Nam Ju Kim 

Education and Social Change 

Walter Secada 

Special Education

Wendy Cavendish